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Elementary Guidance

The focus of elementary guidance is children and their growth processes.  As children grow, they experience a series of physical, intellectual, and emotional changes.  The role of an elementary guidance counselor is to aid children in making these changes as smoothly as possible.  To do this, the counselor works with all those involved in the educational process--teachers, parents, administrators, and special service personnel including our nurse and school psychologist.  Our belief is that guidance must be an integral part of the total elementary school program for all children.  Our goal is to help all children have the most successful school experience.

Guidance Services to Children: 

1)   The counselor has guidance classes with all children in kindergarten through sixth grade.  The classes are designed to enhance each child's self-esteem by developing an understanding and appreciation of each person's uniqueness.

2)   The counselor conducts small groups to discuss current problems or changes:  divorce, etc.

3)   Individual conferences are held with teacher and/or parents to discuss an individual child's progress.

4)   The counselor evaluates children with special needs so that referrals may be made to determine appropriate programming.